If you wish to report a claim please fill out our form: Submit If you have questions, you can call 1 844 765 6379 or email us to claims@qualitasinsurance.com

When you call our claims department, one of our team members wil promptly speak with you. They will tell you what documents we need and where to send them, depending on your specific circumstances. You will receive clear instructions to ensure we get what we need as soon as possible. After we get the information, you will have an adjuster assigned to your case who will call to discuss your claim.

Depending on your claim, there are a few more steps to take before the claim can be resolved. Your adjuster may require a police report, contact the other parties, conduct interviews and/or inspections, handle other details and seek additional information during the investigation. An appraiser may be invited into the process to determine the amount and extent of the damage.