Oportunidades de Trabajo

Senior Computer Systems Analyst

Under close supervision of CIO, analyze, develop, deploy, improve, and implement systems, procedures, and policies for data processing. Assist with analyzing current systems and network of the Company and design the improvement of the network security, deprecate the necessary and implement new servers, network model, security services, and devices. Under close supervision of CIO, collaborate in the integration of systems with our parent company to improve the processes for the Company’s binational products and programs. Coordinate with the CIO and CFO to control expenditures and budgets, update hardware and software licensing life cycle, and vendor negotiation. Under close supervision of CIO, work with the Disaster Recovering Planning and Business Continuity Planning to plan, update and modify as needed and due to the systems integrations, ensure to reduce downtimes, and lower repairs costs. Assist in providing training as needed to the staff (end-users). Assist in the communication with parent IT and Legal team to ensure the systems improvement made are align to US and Mexico PPD Regulations.

Additional requirements: work experience to include at least 6 months of the following: (1) SISE SISTRAN UI– SISE 2G / Linux: integrations, maintenance, deployment, implementation; (2) VMware Virtualization (VM, Storage, Network, Datacenter) NAS, SAN Storage; (3) Windows Server 2016, 2019, Hybrid Model, Azure VM, DRP Recovery Environment, SSO Integration, MS UC/UM, MS SQL Database, MDM, MFA; (4) Firewalls, Network Topologies, DNS, Zero Trust Model, Linux Server, Linux Sec, HIPS, NID, HID, IDS.

Travel Required: 8% international and 5% domestic travel required. Company covers all travel expenses.